Arrow Tool's FabriVISION®

FabriVISION® utilizes First Article Inspection (FAI) of flat parts for a quick, accurate, automated process. Designed specifically for the sheet metal industry, FabriVISION® cuts FAI time to minutes, making reverse engineering simple, improving efficiency, and reducing errors. Our program can automatically collect inspection results for evaluation using Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodology.

  • Reduces the time it takes to locate any errors in the fabrication process
  • First Article Inspection (FAI) reduced from hours to just minutes
  • Idle machine time is eliminated, allowing our punching machines and lasers to be used more efficiently for production
  • Reports produced to provide full documentation including color comparisons and dimensioned CAD drawings (meets ISO 9000 requirements)
  • No setup, gauging, or programming required. Produces color-coded readouts accurate to +or- 0.002"
  • Eliminates the errors of traditional measuring instruments. Costly mistakes caught before they happen, guaranteeing parts are made to our customers specifications every time.

Colors show the accuracy of the part.

For example, green areas are within 0.002 inch tolerance of the ideal dimensions.

Yellow areas are between 0.005 inch to 0.006 inch tolerance.

Red indicates edge location errors that are greater than 0.010 inch.

A different color is used for each of the tolerance ranges that are defined by the operator. These tolerances are changed to match each customers specifications.