Arrow Tool & Stamping's Powder Paint Line provides the look you want
on all your metal parts!

  • Thousands of pre-mixed colors available or we can match your color, textures, metallic's, flat, satin or gloss.
  • Readily accepts secondary operations such as silk screening, labels and decals.
  • Large variety of compositions and coating types including polyesters, epoxies, nylons, urethanes, acrylics and thermoplastics

Arrow Tool & Stamping's Powder Paint Line

Paint Line
  • Added Value
  • Savings
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Superior Edge Coverage
  • Salt Spray Resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • High Temp Endurance
  • Chemical Resistance Hardness
  • Impact Resistance
Paint Line

The Most Durable Paint Finish Available For Your Application
Because the powder is electrostatically applied then baked on, it flows into the smallest cracks and provides a more durable finish. The finished product had quality edge coverage with excellent resistance to cracking, peeling and marring, along with superior toughness to thermal shock. Low porosity creates fewer surface imperfections - added value.

Uniform Finish
Powder coating has excellent uniformity without sags, drip marks and other surface imperfections.

Because the powder covers in one coat the labor, energy, time and production cost savings are passed on to you in lower painting costs. The powder comes ready to use, no mixing or viscosity control is needed.

Environmentally Friendly
Powder coatings meet EPA standards since no solvents are released into the atmosphere.

Shorter Lead Times/Painting In-House/No Trucking
Because the powder line is in house, scheduling is automatic - no waiting between manufacturing and painting and less transportation cost.