A solid tool rotary die is a cylindrical cutting tool. Our engineers engrave your image into the heavy machine cylinder at our CNC machining center. These rotary dies are then used in the film cutting and label industry.

Arrow Tool & Stamping’s in-house Rotary Die Department manufactures, repairs and re-sharpens solid cutting steel dies for labels, paper, film, vinyl, foil, tag stock, pressure sensitive, thermal, and paper with overlam. We cut metal to metal or to the liner and multi-level.

Our Rotary Die Department will custom design a solid tool rotary die to your exact specifications in our CNC machining center. Our engineering staff will work closely with you during the design process to ensure that all your needs are met.

New Solid Tool Rotary Dies
We will produce custom solid tool rotary dies on our CNC machine in 3-6 working days.

Retooling and Repair of Solid Tool Rotary Dies
We will sharpen solid tool rotary dies with an approximate return time of 1-4 working days. Local emergency services are available.

CNC Rotary Dies
Our CNC machining center is used to create our solid tool rotary dies. Arrow Tool’s rotary dies and anvil are D2 steel and are used for all applications of film and label needs including metal to metal, multi-level and liner.

Anvil Rolls
Our anvil rolls are made of D2 tool steel. Arrow’s anvils are some of the finest known in our industry. Straight anvils are used for your standard daily operations, and stepped anvils to extend the life of your die when most needed and to provide the flexibility to run dies on liners other than those for which they were made.

Multi-Level Dies
The CNC machining center is used to create multi-level dies. Arrow Tool’s Rotary Department will create a custom multi-level rotary die to your design.

Air-Eject Dies
If you have loose material that can’t be removed by a vacuum die, Arrow’s air-eject dies (system?) are for you. Our air-eject systems keep die cutting surfaces clean by blowing away all die cut pieces and ejecting waste from the die cavity itself. Arrow’s air-eject help whether you have large cut-out pieces or material that is too thin for a vacuum. All dies come complete with air probe and die blocks.

Removable Blade Perforators & Sheeters
Because perforator and sheeter dies are designed to cut metal to metal the cutting edges have greater wear than die that do not cut through to the anvil. Our removable blade dies are made with quick change blades to keep you in production. No more fumbling around with shims. Just replace the blades and your back up and running. Dies can be custom made to fit your application or choose from a series of standard combinations.

Our in-house capabilities ensure quick turn around times. That is why you can depend on us to turn your quote around in 60 minutes (if submitted between 6:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.). Retooling and repair of your rotary die in 1-4 working days and new solid tool rotary dies in 3-6 working days. We are here to serve you!

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